Being an Idiot is not an Irresponsible Thing


Sometimes, we need to be an idiot to be curious and to touch the untouchables in other words, crazy enough to change the world.

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There is a say about many resources that are available which are helping to change our mind, “Think of Win-Win situation.” It is always a task for us to specify what we need and how we go about it. Today I am about to write about being an idiot doesn’t make you bad or irresponsible. Sometimes stupidity and idiotic behaviors of our mind are like entertainment to suppress our sadistic part from affecting our positive feelings.

Have you ever observed how our mind reacts to the situation when we are uncomfortable or at the time when we feel about the person we are talking to seems more intelligent than us? We start to think about ourselves as not worthy to be extroverts or to share what we feel at that moment. The fear grows inside and outside we become the index of life that teaches us how to adapt.

My mind always tries to be deceptive when it comes to tackling the people who I don’t k ow much about. It is important for us to understand and directs our minds to lead us to make the best decision at the moment. Instead of feeling scared to open up, start being stupid and worry for nothing else. This helps you to cover your tracks and to care for no one. 2 types in being idiotic help us to grow or it can be the reason for our downfall.

Stupidity is the lack of knowledge about something that we are doing. Idiotic behavior is the actions that we perform even with the knowledge about what’s going to happen. There are different meanings in the dictionary for those but as we use these two words in our lives, we can relate to the definition.

When it comes to the person you love, you always need to be an idiot to make the moments special and to count. Stupidity only deteriorates the relationship. There is happiness at the moment where you are being an idiot with the person you love. It is never irresponsible either. When you kindle, tease or remember the times you spent with the person you love the most or eating your favorite food with the best person of your life by fighting with her before eating the food to make that person understand how much special it would be for you to eat with her when she agrees to eat with you having those idiotic expressions in the face filled with lots of love and care, is out of this world and for those situations our mind must be idiotic to rejoice the moments and store those memories in you harddisk that never gets deleted until the day of your funeral.

When it comes to working, being an idiot is a smart thing. When your boss insists you to take up all the work, instead of piling those it is better to be an idiot to show him that you only know certain things to work for and rest are out of your boundary. This is called smartness. Idiotic behavior helps you to cover you. Always being an idiotic person may not work well because it involves pretending and ignoring a few things. It is better to be smart in being idiotic as well. Set some ground rules on when and where you need to apply this skill to prevail. Here are a few things where you can apply or you can start being an idiot:

  1. While being an essentialist.
  2. When you are with the person you love and you wanted to prove to them that you are blunt and she is smarter than you.
  3. At the time when you face an uncomfortable situation and you want to deal with it softly.

These 3 situations are the best place where you can start being an idiot. Later as you follow these ground rules, you will discover yourself about where you need to open yourself and where you need to pretend.

Advanced Ideology:

When you decide to go on a mission to change the world, you may get stuck somewhere in between moving forward and staying in the present. This is because of the skeptical mind you have. Developing a situation or the brain to tackle the fearlessness by keeping your anxiety under control will help you to move forward.

In the middle of life where your business fails and you had to change tracks, being an idiot is the best thing to learn more about the things that you don’t know — Start to think about yourself as a person who knows nothing even though you know something — this ideology helps you to learn other business rules and get new career opportunities that enrich your current business.

There is a situation where you need to unlearn a few things where you think you are the best. Start to learn things that help you to get along with people — you can call it as people skills. Being an idiot cant be an irresponsible thing when you start applying it to the right place and at the right time.

Love, Business and Failure are the places where you need to be like an idiot. This dogma can take you to a long way of being better at learning about humans and to discover your inner within. There is always a success present in being a person who holds his knowledge to learn something new. In this article, I’d like to call those people who are crazy, ignorant and always loves to learn more and more like idiots. Being one like that is a good thing and maybe one of the steps to change the world in the right way — to train the mind in the focussed path.

Be an Idiot and Keep Learning Forever